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Witch Curse.(TF/TG RP)
You do something to upset that one girl at your school(You decide what it was),and she mumbles something.She then disappears,and it seemed pointless.Suddenly,at some point,you feel strange.
Timed-At some time(Ex.Snoman Dragon Anthro-12:25 A.M-1:01 P.M.),you will become the thing you chose.
Word Trigger-Someone(or you)say a certain word that'll cause your transformation
Emotion-Feelings will even turn you into the creature/character.Feeling these emotions again might turn you back.
Object/Element Trigger-Touching an object or element might also transform you into these things
Lycanthope Trigger-Full moon activates the TF/Tg
(any suggestions?)
Br3ast expansion
Butte Expansion
Mind Change
Personality Change
Sexuality change
Weight Gain
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Goo being
Pool Toy
(If you want to use a pic,show me it)
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Naruto Absorption TG Growing a Clan
And we are back with another picture.

Naruto's new identity, going by the name of Kana, had been kept a secret from everyone. Outside of Tsunade, Jiraya and those she absorbed no one knew that she was Naruto in truth.
Therefore it was a surprise to find Uchiha Itach just outside her elementary school, seemingly waiting for someone. Deciding that taking his abilities, skills and knowledge would be worth it, and even give her a moment, as short as it would be, older and with breast again, Naruto used her Jutsu on him and wasn't disapointed at first.
But when the aftershocks of it hit Naruto found herself shrink even shorter than before, regressing a year or two further than she had before. But also the knowledge hit her. The knowledge of the truth behind the Uchiha Massacre. But also the knowledge that she couldn't just allow Itachi back into the Akatsuki so, she would have some... fun.
You see, restoring a body is normally used to make the body properly anew. But Naruto could just do anything she wanted with it. And, now that she was part Uchiha thanks to absorbing Itachi, she decided giving herself and Sasami (Sasuke) a little sister would be quite a appropriate punishment for Itachi for what he did to his family.
Even after hearing the story Sasuke wasn't happy about what had happened, especially as Naruto herself needed more attention now and Umi (Itachi) especially. They were three little girls, each with the skills of Shinobi and also their power, but their physical limitations would make it a hard time for the now oldest "Sister" of the three. Naruto wasn't worried, she liked the idea of making her own little family this way. It would be fun!
Naruto Absorption TG Genderswap TF 1
Another with a lack of nudity, I am getting soft.

Naruto, now over powered as she is, needed someone to make sure she doesn't go off the rails. Sadly, Uchiha Sasuke was a prick about it. Apparently he got a bit more than just a small streak of sadism out of that curse mark.
Luckily for Naruto, and unluckily for Sasuke, Naruto made a variant of the Jutsu she used to absorb Sakura and Ino by removing the absorbing part and used the method normally used in the fusing technique to form a new Jutsu.
This new Jutsu turned a person into near intangible Chakra, the same which would be absorbed during the first Jutsu or fused with another for the second. Naruto skipped the combining or absorbing and went right to the formation of a new body.
Naruto's revenge can be seen here and Sasuke finds him/herself suddenly the same age as Naruto's current appearance. And sadly Sasuke has still guard duty and Tsunade doesn't want to risk another incident like this. Thus she had to enroll into the elementary school Naruto had to attend as well. At least Naruto wasn't able to make her shorter than Naruto herself, or have the same budding breast size. So Sasuke could at least expect a bigger bust than Naruto later in life.
Naruto Absorption Fusion TG
A bit tamer on the nudity front here.

Naruto, after everything was said and done, found herself unable to undo the absorption and had to confess to Jiraya and Tsunade. After much debate Naruto was taught another Jutsu, this one would allow her to give those absorbed by her their bodies back but it wouldn't return her to her proper form or take what she had gained in terms of power. As Jiraya explained, the Jutsu he taught her had never been intended to be used more than once per day and he had warned her. The shrinking and deaging was a response of her Chakra due to the overload of mass she put on it, turning all the mass into Chakra until Naruto was turned into the child form she had now.
A side effect of this was also that Naruto, even if she was to absorb another grown woman, wouldn't become older again, and absorbing man wouldn't turn her male either. The reason he didn't teach her the release Jutsu in the first place was because he thought she would listen to what he told her.
As punishment for endangering two kunoichi of Konoha for... less than noble reasons, Naruto was forced to enroll in a Elementary School in the village, with the hopes of that being a lesson to Naruto. Naturally Naruto still had the brains, Chakra and strength of those she absorbed, not to mention a technique which would be ideal to wreak havoc. Tsunade however thought Naruto wouldn't use it.
At the school Naruto become quickly victim of a bully, Hasumi Shotaro He made fun of her multicolored hair, of how she was a girl, and, in his words, a weak little ninja vore. She was pretty sure he didn't even know what that last one meant.
Sadly for her their teacher was Shotaro's mother. While the woman was on her own friendly enough, she took Shotaro's word every time over Naruto's.
However, Jiraya also had taught Naruto how to perform a sister Jutsu of the absorbing technique. One that allowed to fuse two into one, either the user and another, or two different people as long as they were close enough to one another. And as such she watched the two dissolve slowly, their mass turning into energy to form a new, combined body, soul and mind.
The result of the mother and son fusing, Hasumi Nagisa as the end result called herself, was at first confused but decided, with the rational mind of the mother and the mischieviousness of the son combined, to let it slip with a mere slap on the wrist for Naruto, detention in other words. She still got scolded by Tsunade for it as there was no Jutsu to separate those you fused together, meaning two were essentially dead. Naruto though was satisfied with removing a bully from the school and improving a teacher, seeing as Nagisa was as smart as the two pieces that made her up would have been together.
Okay, as many of you may or may not know, I sometimes make cards with a card creator online, using pics I found on Google Search.
Now, I wanted to make a archetype based on a idea I had, a Ritual Archetype partially inspired by Nekroz. The problem is the lack of artwork I would need. So, if anyone wants, here is the general idea if you want to perhaps make pics for those cards:
Reinpal, it is a archetype of Effect monster and Ritual monster that are reincarnated forms of different monster. Two of the cards I have already made the statistics and effects for are Reinpal of Kuriboh (LV1, Spellcaster/Light) and Reinpal of W Kuri (LV1, Spellcaster/Light). As all cards in the archetype, they are Light attribute. The idea would be that they, and all other cards, would depict young girls in clothes or armor based on their former selfs. In case of those two, they are a five and a three years old, brunnette girl respectively. They look a alike just with Reinpal W. Kuriboh having white wings as she is the reincarnation of Winged Kuriboh.
The age would be based on two factors: Age of the card and size of the monster. None of them would be past preteens in age but the older a card the older the resulting monster. But at the same time, very small monster would be preferably stay very young. Example for this is Kuriboh, one of the oldest cards in the game.
I cannot pay however, I live in Spain, Europe, and have no credit card of any kind.

If someone is interested in doing this, please contact me and we can talk about it. All credit will naturally go to the maker of the artwork in that case. Though it would be preferable if the volunteer would have some experience drawing fanart like this.




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